Do you have a loved one who rides a fixed gear bike? Are you not sure what to buy for them this holiday? Or are you a fixed gear rider and people keep asking you what you want for the holidays and you just keep shrugging your shoulders saying “I dunno”? Well if you fall into either of these camps, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a fixed gear rider, just send this article to the next person who asks.

Here I’ll be listing a grip of small fixed gear parts and accessories brands that you can support this holiday to get some stuff that your fixed gear loved one will ACTUALLY be stoked about, rather than that shirt you get them from Tilly’s every year that they pretend to be excited about.


Ky’z Issawat | FGFS Thailand 2015

Holy shit. When he dropped his teaser last week, I expected a really good edit. But this transcends my expectations completely. Such a huge bag of tricks it’s insane. Nose manuals, barspin combos, tailwhips, all on lock. Real springy style too. Getting to see this dude shred in person when I went to Thailand was awesome too. The dude is consistent as fuck. Watch this one a few times for sure.

Josh Boothby & Josh Silva | Woodward West Visit

Josh Boothby headed up to Woodward West this past weekend accompanied by Josh Silva and Dave Lee and pumped out this quick little edit filled with some really smooth riding and solid lines. Boothby’s been out on an injury for a while, but now he’s back and it didn’t even seem to faze him. Sick to see that Josh Silva still rides too, he had some killer tricks in here! This ones worth a couple looks for sure.

Robert Rice | Forever Jibbin’

Our dude Robert Rice coming in with a short & sweet little edit with some jib/techy gold. His style is so fluent and his tricks are real unique making Robert one of my favorite dudes to watch. Loved the line at 0:22. So hyped he’s a part of sMc. Doin’ it for LDG!

Anthony Combs In Thailand.

While hanging out at a street spot, I decided to snag some profile shots of Anthony while we were out riding the streets of Bangkok.

Like his stem? Pick one up here!