word is bond

Mike Schmitt | Word Is Bond

Turf just dropped Mike Schmitt’s individual section from Word Is Bond. This is easily one of my favorite parts from the whole video. Mike is the king of doing things properly improper. Personal favorites have to be the sprocket stall 180 at 2:00, the crook right after it, and the ender. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely can’t miss it. If you’ve seen it, give it another watch.

Devon Lawson – Word Is Bond

Turf has been uploading the individual sections from Word Is Bond. Devon’s is short, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t filled with some fire. Devon’s style is one of a kind and is real easy on the eyes. Check this out and watch Word Is Bond if you haven’t yet.

Fast Fifteen | Anthony Combs

Been a while since we’ve seen some footage of Anthony. Turf just started another series called “Fast Fifteen” featuring 15 seconds of straight fire. Combs’ style is one of a kind, throwing down some rad maneuvers at a single spot. Love watching Combs ride. Stoked to see more of this series.

Ed Wonka For Capone

Wheel Talk put this joint together for Ed and Capone Bikes with nothing but bangers. Digging the long smiths, especially the one down the hubba. Plenty of hangover tooths in the mix guaranteed to satisfy your daily dose of carnage. Nasty looking fall at 1:26 was insane, and the ender was straight up mental. All wrapped up together nicely by none other than Matt Reyes. Stoked on all the moves Capone is making in 2015. This one is worth a few looks for sure.