Kameren Boun | Goonz On Deck 2

Watcha just dropped Kameren’s first solo edit. As well as being a sick dude, Kameren shreds on a bike. It was a pleasure having him in town during the Suck My Comp event and seeing what he’s made of while he was competing. Digging his snappy style. Feeble over smith at the 2 minute mark couldn’t have been done any better. Stoked on this, Don’t miss it!

Matt & Mike

Matt and his buddy Mike made it out to some insane looking skateparks in Winnipeg and made this rad video showing the tricks that went down. Matt is looking super dialed these days. Personal favorites were the wallie at 1:03 and the fast plant to abubaca right after it. Style for miles. Stone cold. Check it out.


SHMOB 2016

Shane just dropped this 5 and a half minute raw edit from the Shmob Crew featuring Shane Hunt, Gus Molina, Snow O’Connell, Adam Wells, Andy Sparks, Ian Walker, Jake Santos, and Arjuna Rogers. You already know anything involving these dudes is gonna be techy and creative as fuck. Everyone delivered with clips and really makes me wanna go ride my bike. Gus is a fucking machine and Snow is a creative genius. Don’t sleep on this one.

Fixed Talks Interview

Fixed Talks, a fixed gear specific website that covers all spectrums of fixed gear bikes, conducting interviews with tons of different people throughout the industry, hit me up for an interview to get to know more about how and why we do what we do. Stoked on the opportunity guys. Check out the interview here!

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