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Suckmycomp 3 Randoms Gallery

Every time the suck my comp rolls around I never have a chance to snap any photos since I’m so busy judging, riding, and hanging out with all these dudes that I barely get to see. It was pretty much the same case this year BUT I actually managed to whip out my camera the day before and a little bit after the comp. Here’s just a random set I was able to snag. (Full set after the jump)




Our competition on Saturday was incredible. This wasn’t nearly the amount of people that were at the park today (in the picture), but this was the after crowd for the Still Pour full length video premiere. The #suckmycomp3 couldn’t of gone any better. Good vibes, people shredding, and nothing went wrong! Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made this happen. Here’s the results from the competition:
1st – Michael Penrose
2nd – Jonathan Thompson
3rd – Kameren Boun
4th – Peter Van Nguyen
1st – Elliott MIlner
2nd – Jimmy Watcha
3rd – Miguel Zendejas
4th – Matt Spencer
See you next year!



The FGFS DVD that Still Pour has been working on is around the corner from being released! Pre orders are now available for purchase HERE in form of USB drive. Here’s what Still Pour had to say:

“A production featuring some of the worlds best fixed gear freestyle riders showcasing Portland and some of the amazing street riding the city has to offer.

Featuring full parts; Andy Sparks, Johnathan Ball, Miguel Zendejas, Matt Reyes, Gus Molina, Josh Silva, Ramon Antonio, Devin Tolman, and Jimmy Watcha.
Guest featuring; Kareem Shehab, MARCO, Nelson Bell, Jacob Ruff, Chris Thrasher Medina, Taylor Dwight, and Jordan Burt.

In a labeled re purposed container you’ll receive a waterproof USB drive containing the Full Length video, B-Roll Bails and Bullshit, and songs from MyGoons (MG Productions) that are used in the video. 2 StillPour slappys, 2 StillPourLand limited stickers and StillPour button!
(USB works with all versions of Windows and Mac OS version 10.6.6 or above)”


Check out the trailer: