SHMOB 2016

Shane just dropped this 5 and a half minute raw edit from the Shmob Crew featuring Shane Hunt, Gus Molina, Snow O’Connell, Adam Wells, Andy Sparks, Ian Walker, Jake Santos, and Arjuna Rogers. You already know anything involving these dudes is gonna be techy and creative as fuck. Everyone delivered with clips and really makes me wanna go ride my bike. Gus is a fucking machine and Snow is a creative genius. Don’t sleep on this one.

Chillin With Gus 2.0

Really feeling this split edit between Shane Hunt and Gus Molina. These two have been jibbing hard as fuck lately. Super technical maneuvers throughout this one. Their riding really compliments each other and their styles are nice to watch as well. Shane’s wallie tic tac 180 at 0:34 was executed perfectly. Don’t skip this one!

SHMOB | Still Out Here

Shmob 2015 has been making moves and putting in work. This one features Shane, Gus, Ramon, Adam, and Slum fucking shredding some fun looking spots. Always staying creative. Gotta hand it to slum on this one, he fucking destroyed these spots. That ender took so much bike control. Don’t miss this one! Side note, digging the Beach Fossils sound tracks. Always a provider of chill vibes.

Shane Hunt | Bikes, Bluegrass, and B-Roll

Here’s a lot of different footage of Shane Hunt and some band spliced together by Adam Wells with Bigfoot fixed. Nothing too serious in this one as said in the description, but I beg to differ. Shane kills it in this and it’s probably the most footage of him thats ever been in one edit since he’s never put out his own solo bit. He’s really dialing in his style now and stomps everything out real clean in here. Definitely worth a look.

SHMOB | Friends Are Family

SO stoked to see a new one from the newly revamped 2015 SHMOB crew including Shane Hunt, Snow O’Connell, Ian Walker, Adam Wells, Michael Lozier, Arjuna Rogers, and Gus Molina. There are some real gems in this edit and everyone was putting in some work to get these clips, even though it’s a pretty casual iPhone edit. Snow’s pedal grind at 3:00 and Adam’s feeble down the handrail were two clips that seriously stood out to me. Fucking killer. Don’† miss this one.

Dragon Park

Turf just dropped this new one day edit featuring Slum, Mike Schmitt, Ian Walker, Andy Sparks, and Ramon Antonio. Everybody stepped up their game in this and went out of their comfort zones to try some new tricks. Slum’s first trick involved some serious bike control. Actually, every trick in here involved a lot of bike control. Super hyped on this, worth a couple looks for sure!