San Francisco

Andy Sparks & Michael Chacon | Bridging The Gap

This is such a great video. With the rise of trick track as of late an edit like this between these two legends was bound to happen. Keos, fish n chips, sliders, barspins and all kinds of 700c savagery is in this one. A great duo to have in the same video for sure. And of course Slum cut it together beautifully as always. You need this video in your life. Give it a few watches!

Jiwoo Kim | SF 2016

Jiwoo from South Korea took a trip to California recently and stayed with Slum for a while, as most FGFS heads visiting the country do. Matt put together this rad little video of his short time there. Jiwoo has some great style and Matt always knows how to film and cut together an edit. Check it out! Photo gallery on Wheel Talk.