WHATS UP FGFS WORLD we got a big announcement today that we’re now distributing LDG FGFS products not previously available to the public! While the 700c Hammer has been available for a while now, what most people aren’t aware of is that they made new forks, bars, and sprockets that they never announced or put on their website, so now we’re making that available to you guys! I’m currently running the Hammer frame and fork and I can genuinely say I’ve been really dialed on my bike lately cause of it (bike check coming soon). Frames come in black and army green while the rest of the products come in black. Only distributing in the US (besides sprockets). HIT THAT WEBSTORE TO COP


HAMMER FRAME (Headset Included)





LDG 19MM SPLINED SPROCKET (25t, 27t, 30t)


Chrome | Built For This Woven Stretch Workshirt

Long time Portland shredder Ramon Antonio stars in this new little piece by Chrome advertising their new line of stuff, this one featuring their woven stretch workshirt specifically. Beautifully shot by Slum, but you probably already knew that.

Remembering Aaron Keokham

We heard tragic news this week that our friend Aaron Keokham has passed away this week via instagram. Aaron was a driving force in the FGFS scene, having passion for these bikes that most people will never know. Although I never met him personally, I’ve talked to him enough online to know he was a really great dude. He even hit me up sending me stickers once for his brand Ride or Dye without me even asking. The FGFS community is small, so something like this touched us all in a very personal way, even effecting those that never had the pleasure to meet him. The family asks for privacy and asks for nobody to ask about how it happened. Aaron was a UC Davis graduate and a passionate photographer and fixed gear rider. Ride in peace Aaron, the world won’t be the same without you.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.24.30 AM

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.25.39 AMScreen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.26.06 AM

Introducing | FGFS SWAPMEET

We did a thing. This is FGFS Swapmeet. It’s an online shop to get used FGFS parts from a reliable source, just as you were buying from a retailer. We’ll be constantly swapping out parts as they’re sold and maybe having some rare hard-to-find stuff on there. You can link to it HERE, we’ve already put some stuff onto it.



Master’s Chopstick Forks are now available for purchase! If you’ve been looking for a fork, you’re in luck cause there aren’t many options around these days, so thank you Master for helping keep the sport alive. They have brake mounts available in certain colorways and come in a bunch of awesome colors. Some specs include:

408 A-C

20mm Offset

Designed for 26″ wheels

*Black and Rainbow Available with U Brake Mounts






Capone just unleashed their brand new 2018 frame and it looks amazing! This bad boy is available in 3 different colors (Black, Raw, Bright ass Yellow), 74.5 degree headtube angle, rear brake mounts, and is SHIPPING FOR FREE WORLDWIDE!!! Here’s what Capone has to say about these frames:

“After two years researching and developing, after Capone Laforte, Capone Cardinal, we now are launching the new 2018 version fixed gear freestyle frame. It doesn’t have a name or its name is Capone 2018.
We choose the reliable yet economic material 4130 chromoly, removable brake mounts added due to the new demand, 125mm headtube covers all body heights, 74.5 degree HT angle for the quick response, 365mm chainstay length gives you ultimate flexibility, classic yolk design compensates the tire clearance and tube strength, 2.3in tire fits, peg friendly drop out plates, 28T and less sprockets recommended, weighs 2.6 kilograms, coming with 3 colors.”