Throwback: Matt Reyes + Sadio

On the topic of Matt Reyes, we just uploaded a certified hood classic to the Fixed Gear Archive youtube channel: Matt Reyes + Sadio from 2011! This is a special upload cause this one was deleted from Vimeo and was nowhere to be seen on Youtube, so if you’ve been looking for this throwback edit, today you’re in luck.

Montoya Leftovers.

The FGFS world has been blessed today with the release of two hang-five master’s edits. First Sammy, now Montoya, who we haven’t seen anything from in forever! These are “scraps”, that wallride is anything but scrappy in my opinion. So big, solid hang-five combinations like always, so crazy. Hopefully he’s got something new in the works.


Def Wish Bike Check.

So thanks to The Workshop and All-City, my Def Wish just got some fresh parts and is dialed as hell for EPIC. Here’s the rundown.

IMG_4157 IMG_4158 IMG_4153 IMG_4151 IMG_4150


Frame: All-City Def Wish Medium

Fork: Sadio Booster 420

Headset: FSA Impact

Stem: LDG Santos Freestyle

Handlebars: All City Fuzzy

Grips: ZEN

Bar Ends: Odyssey Par Ends

Wheels: Todestriebs to All-City Hubs/Nomad Tires

BB: Colony

Cranks: Resist 165mm

Sprocket: All-City Def Star 33t

Pedals: Animal Plastic

Straps: ROYAL HC V3

Chain: KMC half link

Seatpost: Resist pivotal

Saddle: Demolition pivotal

Cog/Lockring: All-City 13t/All-City