Since Matt has been out in Arizona, him and Steven Jensen have teamed up to bring you Steven’s newest Spike Parts edit. Nobody is on Steven’s level, plain and simple. His technical approach to riding is unlike anybody else on a fixed bike. So much precision and balance is involved with everything he does. He even brings out some big drops in this one, which is a side of Steven’s riding that isn’t showcased as often. Watch this one a few times for sure. Cut together with quality by Wolf Drawn, as always.


Matt has been putting in some serious work on the Hold Fast frame he’s been riding for a bit now. His creative use of spots is now further widened with his recent addition of pegs and a brake making for some really fucking sick riding. So much stuff to call out in here like the 1:33, 1:41, 2:31, and so much more. He even brought back some classic Matt Spencer steez in the intro. Really hyped on that. So much style. Watch this right now. Maybe a couple times to catch some things you didn’t notice the first time too.