Hold Fast

Matt Spencer | Barrier Abubaca

Ever since Matt switched to brakes he’s definitely been taking advantage of the new tricks that are possible with it and has been killing it. This barrier stall is no exception and pulls it off with ease as seen in the Ruff Bike Co. GC Bar Mixtape. Rad shot.



Matt has been putting in some serious work on the Hold Fast frame he’s been riding for a bit now. His creative use of spots is now further widened with his recent addition of pegs and a brake making for some really fucking sick riding. So much stuff to call out in here like the 1:33, 1:41, 2:31, and so much more. He even brought back some classic Matt Spencer steez in the intro. Really hyped on that. So much style. Watch this right now. Maybe a couple times to catch some things you didn’t notice the first time too.

State Bicycle Co. | Shockwave FGFS Complete ft. Steven Jensen

State Bicycle Co. just unveiled their new 2014 Shockwave complete FGFS bike. The bike comes with Animal BMX parts, Hold Fast Straps, a rad paint job, good barspin clearance for 700’s, and a very affordable price of $579. Perfect for anybody looking to start riding Fixed Gear Freestyle or a commuter to thrash. Also, you get to see Steven shredding in this video. Now before you go thinking that he left SKYLMT, I assure you, he hasn’t. These are his good friends and employers, and he helped them out by riding the bike for this video.