Elliott Milner announced today that he will have a signature frame with Bombtrack called the “Zion” frame. If anyone deserves a signature frame, it’s definitely this dude right here. Stoked for my dude! Stay tuned for more info to come and follow Elliott on instagram @elliottmilner . Here’s what Elliott has to say about it:

“It’s not everyday you get to accomplish a childhood dream. So grateful to all the amazing people over at #bombtrack for allowing this to become a reality. My signature Zion frame is finally here! Be on the look out @bombtrackbicycleco will keep you up to speed on release dates and specs. Favor abounds!”

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IT’S FINALLY HERE. Elliott’s long awaited 2016 edit for Bombtrack and Ruff Bike Co. Elliott is the best. It’s that simple. He’s been working on so many tricks since his last edit, it’s so sick to see him pushing himself to learn new things. His barspins are dialed as fuck now, the first clip with the feeble nollie bar definitely took me by surprise. I love when you watch an edit and have no clue what to expect. The crank 180 (which he put some work in for) looked flawless and his ice 180’s are more dialed than ever. BMX caliber ice 180’s for sure. That ender is simply fucking insane. Wolf Drawn putting in work behind the lens, been loving the way he cuts together stuff lately. Song flowed well, just too many good things to say about this edit and this guy. DON’T MISS IT.

Pick your poison.


35mm Experimentation

The last few weeks I’ve been going out with our dude Christian Meldrum and testing out his 35mm camera. He just got these shots back and some of them came out pretty cool. More shots after the jump. All photos by Christian Meldrum.

Bombtrack Bicycle Co.

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State Bicycle Co. | Shockwave FGFS Complete ft. Steven Jensen

State Bicycle Co. just unveiled their new 2014 Shockwave complete FGFS bike. The bike comes with Animal BMX parts, Hold Fast Straps, a rad paint job, good barspin clearance for 700’s, and a very affordable price of $579. Perfect for anybody looking to start riding Fixed Gear Freestyle or a commuter to thrash. Also, you get to see Steven shredding in this video. Now before you go thinking that he left SKYLMT, I assure you, he hasn’t. These are his good friends and employers, and he helped them out by riding the bike for this video.