Ruff Sleeper Prototype Build

I recently built up a 26″ Ruff Sleeper prototype and took some pics a while ago but accidentally deleted them, so I took bae out for a date at Newport Pier and retook some pictures (which actually turned out better than the previous ones). This is the most hyped I’ve ever been on a bike, just look at this thing of beauty (them welds though). Look out for production frames coming sooner than later, more photos after the jump!



Fresh Bombtrack Build

Recently got a new Bombtrack Divide built up, so naturally I took it to the beach to take some pictures. I’m real stoked on how clean this bike looks and how dialed it feels, it’s been about 3 years since I’ve gotten a fresh wheelset built up. (and you can see I already broke a spoke) Also stoked on how these pictures came out, more after the jump.



Jonathan Thompson & His Concept Assassin

A few weeks ago was the first time I met LA local shredder Jonathan Thompson. Needless to say, the dude fucking kills it, and his riding never sees the light of day. We filmed a few clips that will be featured in the new Chop Em’ Down Films full length FGFS DVD coming out within the next few months. Here’s some shots of him and his Concept build. Follow him on instagram @thompson___ .

Cole Ruffing & His LDG Proto

Here’s a few shots of SMC fam Cole Ruffing‘s current LDG Proto build. Even though this frame never came in to production, it’s still a really clean build with good geo. Can never go wrong with a murdered out whip. Like his shirt? Grab it here. Like his beanie? Snag it here!



Christian Ustarroz & His Anthem Comply

Here’s some shots we got of Anthem Co-Owner Christian Ustarroz and his beautiful murdered out Anthem Comply build. Sporting a new SMC Galaxy Pocket Tee too. Expect some stuff from Anthem soon! More photos after the jump.



Randy Rush Bike Check

Randy Rush out of New York just dropped this bike check of his new Stolen Bike Co. that he turned in to an FGFS build, which I believe may be the first time that’s happened. Whip looking clean and some solid clips at the end top it off nicely.

Wheel Talk | Interbike Dash

While I was in LV for Interbike I got to see a ton of my really good friends including Matt Reyes. He snapped some really nice photos of the complete Bombtrack 2016 Dash that they had on display at the booth and it was looking really good. More photos here. 

BombtrackBicycleCo_Interbike_DASH2016_Suits BombtrackBicycleCo_Interbike_DASH2016_ElliottMilner BombtrackBicycleCo_Interbike_DASH2016_SeatTube BombtrackBicycleCo_Interbike_DASH2016_DriveTrain