Jonathan Thompson & His Concept Assassin

A few weeks ago was the first time I met LA local shredder Jonathan Thompson. Needless to say, the dude fucking kills it, and his riding never sees the light of day. We filmed a few clips that will be featured in the new Chop Em’ Down Films full length FGFS DVD coming out within the next few months. Here’s some shots of him and his Concept build. Follow him on instagram @thompson___ .

Kris Fay | Get Weird

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a little something from Kris. He keeps it fun and creative with this little bit with a guest appearance from Gnarlos which is also really sick to see. The 180 tire slide thing at 0:37 is some creative gold. Dig the music choice + editing too. This was sick.

Bike Check | Jacob Santos’ Concept Assassin

Jacob is part of our sMc family and one of the dudes I hang out and ride with the most. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet and also happens to shred on a bike. He just sized up to a medium Concept Assassin instead of a small and gave it a rad paint job. The bike is beyond dialed and rides really well.                                                                        See after the jump for a rundown and more pictures.



Two Strap Krew NYC | Double Feature

Two videos released in the past couple days from the newly formed Two Strap Krew coming out of New York City. Great to see riding coming from there again.

The first is “Joe The Ripper” or Joseph Montano, and damn does the dude rip. Rail game on lock and steezy lines throughout. This edit was killer, can’t wait to see more.

And here’s a bike check from Zee Washington of his Concept Assassin. These frames always build up clean.

Young Guns Update.

After a year of filming, parts for sMc’s FGFS video, “Young Guns”, are finally starting to wrap up. Other parts not pictured will include Grant Higgins, Calvin Gunt, Samuel Rodriguez, and potentially more. Stay tuned.

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