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Kris Fay | Get Weird

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a little something from Kris. He keeps it fun and creative with this little bit with a guest appearance from Gnarlos which is also really sick to see. The 180 tire slide thing at 0:37 is some creative gold. Dig the music choice + editing too. This was sick.

Calvin Gunt | Rail Smith

A few days ago we all went riding in HB, and everybody was going in. It was Calvin’s first time riding in a while and first thing he says to us is “I think I can get on that rail”. We all looked at each other and weren’t really sure if he meant it or not, because what’s not apparent in the picture is the bike length gap that you have to hop in order to get on that rail. Sure enough, Calvin pulled off this smith and the crowd went wild. SO insane. Photo by Phil Arellano.

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