Turf and ourselves are hosting an Instagram grind photo contest. The rules are simple. Just post up a photo to your Instagram of you doing a grind on your FGFS bike and use hashtags #NIGHTSTICKTRICK (make sure there’s an “T” in there as opposed to the flyer) and #TURFBIKES. Two winners will be picked 3/20 and both will receive a pair of Turf Nightstick Pegs. Make sure your Insta accounts are public so we can see em, get at it!


Johnathan Ball | Tree Threader Bar

Here’s a shot of myself that Matt at Wolf Drawn just posted up from last year’s trip to Arizona. The second picture is me eating shit somehow missing my hand on the bar, then went back for it and nailed it. The drop was deceivingly big.



Johnathan Ball | Arizona Iced Out 5 Cab

Wolfdrawn just posted up this sequence he shot of myself hitting this 5 Cab while out filming in Arizona last January. A lot of work went in to get this clip and it took a toll on my body early in the trip, but still stoked I ended up getting it. Check out the clip in the full edit!