steven jensen

Throwback – Wheeltalk x Blacksunday Thailand 2014

I feel like this slipped through the cracks and under people’s radars, but this is still one of my favorite web edits throughout the years. We’ve got Wheeltalk killers Devon, Anthony, and Jaoa featuring Steven Jensen. That lineup right there is destined for greatness. If you haven’t seen this, you definitely need to watch it asap. Jaoa puts it together beautifully, really making me miss Thailand.

Back To The Streets Trailer

Kai with The FG CN was recently in Arizona and had a chance to interview Matt Spencer, Mike Schmitt, and Steven Jensen asking them different questions about FGFS and why they ride. This says trailer, so I’m not sure if┬áthere’s gonna be more. But either way, it’s sick to hear some wise words from a few of the pioneers of FGFS.