Throwback – Wheeltalk x Blacksunday Thailand 2014

I feel like this slipped through the cracks and under people’s radars, but this is still one of my favorite web edits throughout the years. We’ve got Wheeltalk killers Devon, Anthony, and Jaoa featuring Steven Jensen. That lineup right there is destined for greatness. If you haven’t seen this, you definitely need to watch it asap. Jaoa puts it together beautifully, really making me miss Thailand.

Thailand FGFS | Homecoming2017

It’s been a quiet year for FGFS Thailand, but they ended the year strong with a great skatepark session featuring Ky, Bombay, Petch, and Nuttapong. All these dudes have so much charge and energy on an FGFS bike and it’s really a bummer we don’t see them ride more often. Don’t miss this one!

FGFS Thailand | At Thammasat Skatepark

FGFS Thailand just dropped this amazing edit featuring Thai killers Ky Issawat, Bombay Chakrist, and Meeniiz Grip. I knew this one was gonna be good from the get go, but I was seriously impressed by so much of the riding in this one. All styles on point and difficult tricks being done with ease. Definitely looks like a fun skatepark to shred. Personal favorite was Ky’s nose 180 up the ledge. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS ONE!