Tarck | A Day In San Francisco

Matt Reyes and Mike Schmitt had a field day on their track bikes and filmed this awesome video riding around and having a blast in the streets of San Francisco. It doesn’t get much better than riding your track bike while doing tricks with your friends. Watching this will definitely make you wanna go out and ride your bike.

Johnathan Ball | To Be Continued

Here’s my latest Bombtrack webby that I’ve been filming for over the past 9 or so months. Had some more stuff I wanted to get done, but was cut short due to breaking my foot at El Toro. Still had enough footage for an edit though and didn’t wanna let it sit on my computer and get stale, so here it is. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Insanity coming from Steven Jensen on State Bicycle Co’s 6061 Black Label Bike. Tarck game changers. Barspin to no hander lander wheelie was fucked along with a tailwhip on a legit aluminum track bike. Technical madness. Matt Spencer behind the lens making it all look nice as well. This is worth a few looks.