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Johnathan Ball | To Be Continued

Here’s my latest Bombtrack webby that I’ve been filming for over the past 9 or so months. Had some more stuff I wanted to get done, but was cut short due to breaking my foot at El Toro. Still had enough footage for an edit though and didn’t wanna let it sit on my computer and get stale, so here it is. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Bombtrack Bicycle Co. | Global Moshpit Vol. 2

The second edition of the Bombtrack global moshpit just released, bringing together sponsored and non sponsored riders from around the world in to one rad video. To be part of a next “Global Moshpit”, send in your clips to Click here to see the first one if you missed it. Everyone killed it in this video, I get stoked to see names of dudes I’ve never heard before.

Bombtrack Bicycle Co. | 2015 Catalogue

The Bombtrack 2015 catalogue is now online for your viewing pleasure. Along with the bikes are also some pictures of Red Bull Ride + Style this year and some great shots of Elliott Milner. Since Issuu doesn’t support WordPress embedding, click here or click the picture below to check it out!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.20.18 AM