Michael Penrose | Welcome To Altar

Penrose has been putting in some serious work on his bike lately. Within the last year he’s rapidly progressed and now has his first sponsor, Altar Tribe. Penrose has a real flowy style and makes just about everything he does look like butter. He put in a good amount of time filming for this edit and we’re both stoked on how it turned out. We filmed this over the last few months and planned on getting more, but was cut short due to filmer injuries. We still got enough footage to put an edit out though with the help of Matt, Elliott, and Corey filming some additional clips. So here’s Penrose’s Welcome To Altar edit, enjoy. Shout out to slum for showing me the song.


JD & Congo’s split section from Stay Strapped just got uploaded by Wolf Drawn. Two OG killers sharing a section in a legendary FGFS DVD, what could be better? If for some reason you still don’t own a DVD, you’re fucking up. Snag one here.

Robert Rice Leftovers

Happy Halloween everybody. As a treat, I just released Robert’s edit that was supposed to be his welcome to LDG footage, but he ended up getting a new frame so we have to re film with it. So these are “leftovers”, but the riding is still proper. Robert has such a unique style and I’m proud to have him as sMc fam. Enjoy.

Cole Ruffing | ColeClipsV2

Second installment of “ColeClips” with our dude Cole Ruffing. The vibe of these are really raw. Cole’s tricks are really unique too, always thinking outside the box and doing it with style. 1:15 was my favorite for sure, so techy. If you haven’t seen the first one, check it out here!

Robert Rice | Forever Jibbin’

Our dude Robert Rice coming in with a short & sweet little edit with some jib/techy gold. His style is so fluent and his tricks are real unique making Robert one of my favorite dudes to watch. Loved the line at 0:22. So hyped he’s a part of sMc. Doin’ it for LDG!

Justin Schual 2014

This seemed to come out of nowhere. Justin dropped a teaser not too long ago so I didn’t expect this to be out so soon. Theres some serious grind combinations in here along with that iller ice hard 180 at the end. He’s been quiet but rest assured he’s been killing it.