robert rice


Michael Guntetong just upped the first edition of “RAW CLIPS”. There’s some good stuff in here from dudes we don’t see in front of the camera that often like Tyler Park, Jerry Chanchuan,scar Lopez, Don De La Cruz, and more. A lot of sMc fam in here too. Robert’s ender was fire.


Whenever you see a new Wolf Drawn video up, you know it’s gonna be good. Here’s a bunch of skatepark clips from the whole crew. Watch as Elliott, Matt, Pissy, Penrose, and Riceboy slay a ton of different parks. Matt always coming through with the smooth flowing lines, Elliott coming in with really difficult tricks as always, Corey taking on parks in unconventional ways, and small appearances from Penrose and Robert. So sick, totally killed it.

Robert Rice Leftovers

Happy Halloween everybody. As a treat, I just released Robert’s edit that was supposed to be his welcome to LDG footage, but he ended up getting a new frame so we have to re film with it. So these are “leftovers”, but the riding is still proper. Robert has such a unique style and I’m proud to have him as sMc fam. Enjoy.

Robert Rice | Forever Jibbin’

Our dude Robert Rice coming in with a short & sweet little edit with some jib/techy gold. His style is so fluent and his tricks are real unique making Robert one of my favorite dudes to watch. Loved the line at 0:22. So hyped he’s a part of sMc. Doin’ it for LDG!

sMc Presents | YOUNG GUNS

Here it is everybody. A ton of work went in to this video and we are very excited on how it turned out. These dudes worked their asses off to get their parts exactly how they wanted, over a year of filming, for almost nothing in return. We did this because we love this sport, so give these guys some kudos for this. So here it is, suck our cogs, YOUNG GUNS.