johnny coward

LDG 2015 Freestyle Frame | Sneak Peak

Caught some pictures of the new 2015 LDG Johnny Coward signature freestyle frame up on the Livery instagram. No details on the frames yet except that they’re 100% designed by Johnny, which means they’ll be awesome, and they’ll possibly be the lightest frame on the market. Judging by the way they look, they’ll be awesome. Check back here for more info on these bad boys in the near future or follow LDG on insta @livery_design_gruppe .

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Red Bull Ride + Style 2014 | Official Recap + Photos

Red Bull just upped it’s official recap of the Ride + Style event this year including the first footage from the event. Some nice shots and good words. Check it out here. 

Red Bull Ride + Style 2014 - San FranciscoJohnny Coward Airing the berm

Photo | Garth Milan


SECA | Josh Boothby, Jakob Santos & Friends

This was a really great surprise. Chris Fonseca has been laying low in the FGFS world for a while now, but apparently he’s been filming, and he’s still doing it real well. If you don’t know who Fonseca is, he is an FGFS pioneer. He’s the creator of one of the biggest DVD staples in early FGFS, Revoked, and No Cassettes.  Anyways, he’s back with this new video of Jakob Santos, Josh Boothby, Malik Jones, and Johnny Coward. Haven’t seen too much from Malik in the past, but this footage was smooth as hell. Johnny Coward with a rare appearance as well with some smooth grinds. Josh and Jakob being insane as always. Jakes feeble stall 270 out at 6:16 was a stand out clip for sure. That bank did not look forgiving. Also, Josh’s 180 half cab back over the fence at 3:48 was crazy. Hell, this whole video is so damn solid. Put together real well by Chris also. Good song choices and good filming. You really need to watch this.