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FOAD Gang – Courttek Build

While Jackson already released a very ASMR style Courttek video, he decided to make a more in depth look at his build with a lot of fun commentary about the bike + some riding. Watched this from front to back without getting bored at all, loving this. Great build!

New FOAD flame collection here

Andy Sparks – Bodega Chillin

End of last year on my brief trip to SF I caught back up with Andy who I hadn’t seen in a while. We cruised around with a big group in Oakland, stopped at a convenience store, and there I saw his bike glowing in the sun. Naturally, I had to snap some pics of his iconic Nem Pro build. Since Andy’s online presence is pretty minimal these days, it was really nice to chat and catch up with him that weekend.

Full gallery and bike check when you click into the post.


Jakob Santos SE Showtime Bike Check

Long time friend of the channel and FGFS legend turned big wheel bmx pro Jakob Santos still gets down with FGFS from time to time. He recently built up an SE Showtime and sent over some pics of his build. This is definitely one of his cleanest bike builds imo, details and gallery after the jump!


Sneak Peak: Ruff CSK Guard Sprocket + Bike Check

Today we have an SMC EXCLUSIVE sneak peak look at the new Ruff CSK sprocket I’ve been riding for the last month. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of not breaking my chain on things while simultaneously loving the way this thing looks on my bike. While this is only a prototype and things are subject to change, the front of the sprocket is actually design-less and the CSK engraving sits subtly on the back of the drivechain. I dig it.

Figured I’d shoot some complete pics of my current build too while I was showing off the sprocket. You’ll notice this time around a higher seat than normal and a bunch of new scratches on my paint. Stay tuned for Ruff sprocket updates!

New Kid On The Block – Max Vargas

Fresh off a 3rd place finish in the Suck My Comp 5 Am division is one of our newest additions to the crew, young gun Max Vargas. Trick Track kid turned FGFS, he’s been on an absolute progression roll lately. Look out for more content involving him soon and take a look at his Pagan build scraped together from a lot of our extra parts. Full set and details after the jump!