FORKONE // Yume No Tsuzuki

THIS IS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE. Little late on this cause I was on vacation, but 84kick dropped this INSANE edit of flatland fixed freestyle extraordinaire forkone aka Koichi. There’s too much progressive goodness to call out specifically that I don’t see anyone else messing with in here. Watching this edit definitely gives me a few ideas. Also love the fact that he’s on all 3 iterations of Volume’s fixed gear frames in here (Cutter, Thrasher, Vandal). Don’t miss this one, Koichi is on another level and I don’t say that lightly.


Legendary Trick Track rider 84kick recently travelled to Chile and documented the whole thing! Here’s a hefty 25 minute edit from his adventure that shows off a ton of the apparently thriving Chile fixed gear scene. Notable riders Kriss Dario, Pablo Barros, and tons more people in the mix here. Such a fun watch!