Johnathan Ball // Still Here 2022

Will I ever stop filming edits? Some day sure, but luckily that day isn’t here yet. Here’s my 2022 web edit for Ruff Bike Co. Although life continues to constrict free time, I think it’s important to make time to do things you enjoy. For me, that’s riding bikes and making edits. Filmed in Atlanta and all over SoCal. Big thank you to everyone who held a camera for this thing. Also huge thanks to Ruff Bike Co as always for all the support. Enjoy!

Caramel Candy Full Length

The Turboo squad dropped this full length video yesterday titled “Caramel Candy”. I was there for the premiere and can definitely get behind what they’re doing here. The video is about 60/40 wheelie bike stuff to FGFS stuff, but there’s a lot of funny stuff in here too that gives the video a lot of character. A fun watch overall with some definite potential in the FGFS department.