bay area


Privileged Bread: Bay Area edition! Enjoy 2 and a half days spent in Oakland and San Francisco with the Ruff crew / FOAD Gang and bay area locals. Most fixie freestyles we’ve had in the same place in a while!


The FPA crew took a trip up north and made this sick little trip edit from it! Plenty of solid riding with some antics + some star studded appearances from Andy and Boothby. I really dig the content these dudes have been putting out, make sure to follow their crew on IG @full_pedal_alchmists


Ramon sent this edit over for me to throw up on the SMC Youtube. It features a HUGE array of riders from and visiting the bay area shredding the shit out of everything in sight. I’ve watched it three times already. Super entertaining with all the different styles going into it. Too much stuff to specifically call out, but Cole, Mike, and Slum were definitely a couple stand outs. Don’t miss this one!

Chillin With Gus 2.0

Really feeling this split edit between Shane Hunt and Gus Molina. These two have been jibbing hard as fuck lately. Super technical maneuvers throughout this one. Their riding really compliments each other and their styles are nice to watch as well. Shane’s wallie tic tac 180 at 0:34 was executed perfectly. Don’t skip this one!