Sneak Peak: Ruff CSK Guard Sprocket + Bike Check

Today we have an SMC EXCLUSIVE sneak peak look at the new Ruff CSK sprocket I’ve been riding for the last month. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of not breaking my chain on things while simultaneously loving the way this thing looks on my bike. While this is only a prototype and things are subject to change, the front of the sprocket is actually design-less and the CSK engraving sits subtly on the back of the drivechain. I dig it.

Figured I’d shoot some complete pics of my current build too while I was showing off the sprocket. You’ll notice this time around a higher seat than normal and a bunch of new scratches on my paint. Stay tuned for Ruff sprocket updates!


Something I didn’t expect to see in 2023… a Resist resurgence?! If you don’t know, Resist was the leading FGFS parts company from 2010-2013 owned by Volume Bike Co. 10 years later, it looks like they’re making a resurgence. Maybe my email from September telling them to bring Resist back actually made them think about it 😳. Either way… this is crazy. I wonder if this is a one off tribute to their dead parts company or there are plans to bring back more, we’ll reach out for further comment. For now though, snag a pair of brand new Resist Cranks here. Here’s what Volume says about em:

The new Limited Edition Resist Cranks: We added a new heat treatment process, thicker tubing and made them with a stiffer shape.

All for those that need the security of a stress-free crank.

Heat-treated tubular chromoly arms with a forged spindle boss that is flush with the arm to reduce ankle scarring, 48 spline, 19 mm hollow chromoly spindle and flush mount spindle bolts. RHD/LHD compatible. And, they come with a manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty against cracks & breaks.

  • **19mm Mid BB Sold Separately
  • 165mm & 170mm Crankset includes Spindle & Spindle Bolts
  • Full Chromoly
  • Crank Arm Lengths: 165 & 170
  • RHD/LHD Compatible
  • Crankset Weight: 22.2 oz
  • 48 Spline 19mm Spindle