tom la marche

Bootleg Sessions DVD’s Now Online

That’s right, ALL 4 of the legendary Bootleg Sessions DVDs are now online for your viewing pleasure. Take a step back in fixie history and watch some of the best riders of the era push the sport from 2007 to 2010.

I’m excited to keep uploading fixed gear history to the archive channel, but all I ask for in return is that you subscribe to the channel! If we hit over 1k subscribers, then chapters will be allowed onto the video which will make watching a lot better. Anyways, enjoy:

Also Burd, please don’t sue me for putting these online. Lol

Archive Gold

We all know the cycling powerhouse that is The Radavist. For newer heads, did you know that John used to go by Prolly is not Probably and used to mainly cover track bikes? Either way, I found his old website and found some gold that’s pretty funny in hindsight with what we know now. All from 2007-2008!

The East | Tom LaMarche

Tom Briggs with Skitch just released this new-old stock video of Tom in Toronto and Philly. Even though the footage is from 2012, it still has some insane stuff in here. The nosie down the big stairset and the other nose down the long 3 block were some stand outs for sure. Check this out. Beautifully shot by Tom Briggs as well.