SLOWWHEELZ is a new fixed gear freestyle based apparel brand started by young tarck extraordinaire Guillermo Galindo and friends. I love seeing rider owned brands start within our community, especially when it’s done right like this. Memo made sure to represent minorities and compiled the team entirely of people of color too, you love to see it. They just dropped their first line of shirts and stickers and they’re almost already sold out, so hop on it while you can and be on the lookout for more stuff from them soon. SHOP HERE


Charlie Suave | Hell Or Win iPhone Edit

Charlie recently got put on Hell Or Win and threw together this iPhone edit for them. Dude is one of the only guys holding it down in Canada now a days and I can watch his style for days. Snappy as fuck and never sloppy. Check this one out, stoked for this guy landing a new sponsor, definitely deserves it.

Ninja Cats | 4 THE HOMIES

Rad one from Ninja Cats featuring a compilation of BMX, FGFS, and Skateboarding clips from a wide variety of people. Ninja Cats always keeps it entertaining.

Also, these dudes just revamped their Big Cartel. Show some love, check it out, snag some Ninja Cats gear HERE.