Charlie Suave | Hell Or Win iPhone Edit

Charlie recently got put on Hell Or Win and threw together this iPhone edit for them. Dude is one of the only guys holding it down in Canada now a days and I can watch his style for days. Snappy as fuck and never sloppy. Check this one out, stoked for this guy landing a new sponsor, definitely deserves it.

San Pedro iPhone Photos

The photo quality for the latest iPhones are getting really impressive. Myself, Corey, and Penrose marched in to San Pedro a couple days ago and these were some shots Penrose got of me on his iPhone while we were out filming. All three of us are filming for new edits, so watch out for those in the near future.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) IMG_6833

Michael Penrose | iPhone Leftovers

Penrose has had these clips laying around for a good while now throughout 2014, but had no one to edit the footage. So I went ahead and did it. This is his first solo edit and it’s all throwaway stuff that he can do way better now. But either way, it’s still super clean and solid as fuck. These weren’t even all the clips he had too. Give this one a few watches for sure.

Charlie Suave | iPhone Clipz

Charlie is Suave as fuck on a bike. See what I did there? The dude has some style for sure and these iPhone clips are solid as hell. The last couple bails were gnarly. Some of the spots in here look really fun too. Just remember to always turn the phone sideways next time!