Charlie Suave | Hell Or Win iPhone Edit

Charlie recently got put on Hell Or Win and threw together this iPhone edit for them. Dude is one of the only guys holding it down in Canada now a days and I can watch his style for days. Snappy as fuck and never sloppy. Check this one out, stoked for this guy landing a new sponsor, definitely deserves it.


Happy holidays to us from Wheel Talk. Slum & Devon dropped us an early Christmas present by upping this firey split section for their sponsor Premier Fits. Fast paced, tons of action, and tons of tough tricks with great style, as expected from these two.¬†Matt got those feeble 3’s dialed and Devon has those feeble hard’s way too solid. Ender was the cleanest t-bog bar I’ve seen done on fixed. Give this one a few looks.

Us Versus Them | Can’t Fool The Youth 3 Video Premiere Photos

A ton of good photos from the Can’t Fool The Youth 3 Video Premiere in LA just went up on the Us Versus Them Blog. Check it out here.



This is the most incredible edit ever. Pushing the limits of a fixed gear to the fullest, straight insanity. Half these tricks you’re gonna pause and say to yourself, “What just happened?” Filmed by me and Royal Hc and edited by Royal. I love you so much Joe! Killed it for Bombtrack! (High quality parts, go buy some at your local dealer)