Since Matt has been out in Arizona, him and Steven Jensen have teamed up to bring you Steven’s newest Spike Parts edit. Nobody is on Steven’s level, plain and simple. His technical approach to riding is unlike anybody else on a fixed bike. So much precision and balance is involved with everything he does. He even brings out some big drops in this one, which is a side of Steven’s riding that isn’t showcased as often. Watch this one a few times for sure. Cut together with quality by Wolf Drawn, as always.

SPIKE Parts | 26″ Freestyle Fork

Spike parts just announced that their new Freestyle Fork is now available for purchase. One of the best looking forks out there right now. And at an affordable price of $135, might as well pick one up right now! Get yours here! More photos after the click.


-AXLE TO CROWN LENGTH:408mm/16.06〞
-OFFSET: 20mm
-COLOR:ED BLACK, Metallic Silver




Phil Arellano | Jib Nation

Phil has been real busy shooting rad photos lately for Lockedcog that he hasn’t put out anything of himself in forever. This part is real good and Phil has progressed a ton since his last edit. Check this out for sure, second to last clip was too sick and intro shots were really nice.

Alex Blanco | 2014

It’s been a year since the teaser for this edit dropped. After hope was lost and we thought the project was abandoned, sure enough, here it is in all it’s glory. It’s been a real minute since anything from Blanco has dropped but he’s stayed stacking and stayed killing it. Long ices, clean bars, and buttery lines for days. This edit was really sick. Filmed really well too. First clip was too clean.