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Rest In Peace Jeff Dempler

Yesterday, the community discovered absolutely devastating news that one of the early staples in the San Jose and fixed gear freestyle scene as a whole, Jeff Dempler, has passed away.

Jeff inspired people worldwide in the early 2010’s with his riding, filming, and constant stoke.

My first time meeting Jeff was staying at his house for the Epic Fixed Comp in 2012. I had never met or spoken to him before, but he was kind enough to essentially let a stranger in his house. Deaths in the community always hit harder because of how tight knit and small we are. As someone who was relatively distanced from Jeff, this still hits hard and I can’t imagine how people who were closer to him are feeling.

Tell people you love them and appreciate people who are in your life, because you never know who will go too soon.

Rest in peace Jeff, say hi to Keo for us.

Wheel Talk Compound 16mm Footage

Wheel Talk just dropped this gem of a throwback never-before-seen-footage video of himself Jeffy D and Colin shredding the old Wheel Talk compound (RIP). It’s like watching the footage of a rising star. Like a documentary with old footage showing where they came from. It’s enchanting. It’s magical. I’m in a trance watching this video. The film aspect just makes it that much more special to me. It’s like we stumbled upon this special moment in history, capturing every little detail and taking it all in one last time; the golden era of FGFS. I’ve watched this like three times already and I can’t get enough. Simply magical stuff.

Wheel Talk | CFTY 3 Commercial

Here’s the Wheel Talk commercial that was featured in Can’t Fool The Youth 3. Parts from that DVD will be dropping online shortly so stay tuned.

Hit up Wheel Talk for great original content.

Alex Blanco | 2014

It’s been a year since the teaser for this edit dropped. After hope was lost and we thought the¬†project¬†was abandoned, sure enough, here it is in all it’s glory. It’s been a real minute since anything from Blanco has dropped but he’s stayed stacking and stayed killing it. Long ices, clean bars, and buttery lines for days. This edit was really sick. Filmed really well too. First clip was too clean.

Jeff Dempler | 2013

Finals are finally wrapped up and stress is off my shoulders, so this was very nice to come home to. I always get stoked on JeffyD’s riding. Smooth and stylish, wheelie 180 game on lock, and ender was really sick. Destroy frame looking sleek, but as I’ve said before, WHERE IS THE DIRT RIDING?!?

Spotted via Locked Cog

Wheel Talk