History Lesson – Devan Council

Time for a quick history lesson folks!

As we all know, women in the trick scene are historically few and far between. While things are looking up these days and more women seem to be doing tricks on fixed gear bikes than ever, we must pay tribute to those who paved the way!

Lately I’ve been chatting with Devan Gallagher, formerly known as Devan Council. In 2010, she was at the forefront of women in the fixed gear trick scene. She attended all the major competitions, released multiple videos, and was even invited to the prestigious Red Bull Ride + Style competition in 2011, the only women to ever be invited to the competition series.

Devan would also do her part covering and supporting other woman in the scene. In January 2011’s issue of Urban Velo, Devan had a write up interviewing several of the woman throughout the scene, possibly one of the biggest forms of exposure for women in the scene at the time.

Devan has hopped back on the bike recently and is in full shredding form, which is so cool to see. We just uploaded one of her old unreleased edits from 2011 onto the archive. Check out Devan’s old edit below and peep some of her new shred here!

Throwback: Matt Reyes + Sadio

On the topic of Matt Reyes, we just uploaded a certified hood classic to the Fixed Gear Archive youtube channel: Matt Reyes + Sadio from 2011! This is a special upload cause this one was deleted from Vimeo and was nowhere to be seen on Youtube, so if you’ve been looking for this throwback edit, today you’re in luck.

Throwback: FGG: Westjam.

Not sure if this is actually old enough to be considered “throwback” yet, but I always get hyped off this edit. This is how the energy and vibe should be in all comp edits along with the actual comps themselves in my opinion. FixedGearGeneva did a great job at portraying it. Just makes you wanna go out and ride! We need to bring this vibe back!