Michael Chacon: Mikeonabike.

Mike just upped this one promoting his website, Mikeonabike. Been a while since anything has dropped and everybody was wondering: has Mike Chacon quit? Sure enough he’s been keepin’ at it! But just cause he didn’t put anything out for a while doesn’t mean somebody quit. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from filming. But still, I always love me some steezy Chacon riding.

Throwback: FGG: Westjam.

Not sure if this is actually old enough to be considered “throwback” yet, but I always get hyped off this edit. This is how the energy and vibe should be in all comp edits along with the actual comps themselves in my opinion. FixedGearGeneva did a great job at portraying it. Just makes you wanna go out and ride! We need to bring this vibe back!