Osaka Funny | Summer & Fall 2014

Some seriously killer stuff coming from Osaka Funny out of Japan. Funny’s always been one of my favorite dudes to watch flow on a bike. His trick choice at spots mixed with his buttery style makes for some riding that’s really nice to watch. Killer stuff in this for sure.


The most famous competition in Japan, the annual SHIOKAZE event, has finally hit it’s final year after 7 consecutive years of throwing the event. Funny took 1st and it was well deserved, although everybody else killed it too. All good things must come to an end, and this event was a staple in the Japanese FGFS scene. Every year it’s seemed like everybody has so much fun and the vibes are always positive. Definitely worth a look. Devourfilms did a good job at putting this one together, as always.

Devour Films | NORIDAORE V

Here’s another recap of the “Noridaore” comp that recently happened, this one by Devour Films. I’d say this one is easily the best recap yet. Tons of coverage, good song choice, and just awesome all around. I didn’t realize how good Marco did from the other edits, but he had some serious bangers in here. Feeble switch up during a comp, what???? People hardly do that for edits, let alone a competition. RSK had some sick shit too. Props to Toyo for taking first though.

If there’s a 6th year, I’m seriously thinking about taking a trip to Japan for this comp. Seems like so much fun.



This was awesome. Seitaro with Devour films along with a huge crew went on a road trip to Noridaóre and it looked like such a blast. Too many sick tricks going on in here to call out. Funny on 26’s is killer though. Stoked to see new footage of him. This one’s worth a few looks.


This video was awesome. In order to promote the upcoming 2014 Shiokaze event in Japan, Devour Films put together this reel of all the past event highlights in to one video. Really interesting to see how the tricks and bikes changed over time in one video. 2014 should be a sick one. October 11th, 2014.


Devour films released the video for the Noridaore Japanese FGFS comp in Osaka, and it looked like such a fun time. Simple but fun looking course that the riders killed. 700c still going strong over there, Funny and Nasty killed it! RSK and Marco with some shred too. check it out. More events like this need to happen in the states.

Edit Catchup.

Here’s some bangin’ edits that’ve came out recently that are definitely worth posting. Just been caught up with things lately!

Valentin DESTROYS! Wheeltalk. (See what I did there)

It’s insane how smooth Matt is. WOLFDRAWN

<p><a href=”″>Matt Spencer | Park Edit</a> from <a href=””>Matthew Spencer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Real quick one from Funny, but I’ve always loved his style and I think he kills it.

Interesting to see LOCKEDCOG Kris with a new whip. Can’t wait to see how he does when he gets some straps!