Bike Check | Jacob Santos’ Concept Assassin

Jacob is part of our sMc family and one of the dudes I hang out and ride with the most. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet and also happens to shred on a bike. He just sized up to a medium Concept Assassin instead of a small and gave it a rad paint job. The bike is beyond dialed and rides really well.                                                                        See after the jump for a rundown and more pictures.



Jimmy Watcha | Leftovers

Jimmy Watcha coming through with some bangin’ leftovers from his Unknown Part. For most people these would be usable clips, so it’s still really good riding. Watcha has improved so much within the last year and I can’t wait for what he has in store for 2014.

Cole Ruffing 2013 Part 1.

As soon as I saw Cole put out an edit I knew I was going to love it. Cole has such a unique style and approach to spots, and is always doing things I don’t see many people mess with at all like the footjam 180 off a ledge. So sick. Great to see he’s being staying on top of his riding. Apparently there is going to be another part too. So stoked for that. By the way, Cole has the sweetest looking half cab bars in the game. You rule Cole, I love you. Stop being so sad.

Spotted through WheelTalk

sMc Ride & Comp Edit.

The ride & comp this past Sunday was very successful. All the homies came out to throw down, chill out, and win some prizes! Here’s the edit Christian made from it. Maybe this will be an annual thing! Pictures coming soon!

Big ups to Jacob for winning first, and Desmond for throwing down best trick riding street!