Cole Ruffing

Cole Ruffing & His LDG Proto

Here’s a few shots of SMC fam Cole Ruffing‘s current LDG Proto build. Even though this frame never came in to production, it’s still a really clean build with good geo. Can never go wrong with a murdered out whip. Like his shirt? Grab it here. Like his beanie? Snag it here!




I really dig these videos in the Cole Clips series. Our dude shot all this on his VX featuring a good variety of riders with different styles. Hector’s first rail hop looks big, Rio’s last trick was fucking awesome, Cole’s riding is always nice and techy + really smooth, and the rest of the footage is solid too. Everyone killing it in here. Don’t miss this one. Keep this series coming Cole.


Our very own Cole Ruffing just dropped the 4th edition of COLECLIPS featuring James Dane, Cole Ruffing, Hector Carillo, and Corey San Agustin shredding the shit out of Burbank and other spots. Hector is a fucking beast on a bike, Cole laces real nice technical tricks and hits a handrail at the end, and Corey’s 180 rail ride was fucking sick. Don’t miss this one!

A Night In Burbank ft. Corey San Agustin & Cole Ruffing

Here’s a completely serious little edit we filmed featuring Cole and Corey on the same night we filmed their Game Of Bike. These two kill it and it’s always a blast to ride with these guys.

On a side note, I’ve been uploading almost every video we make to both the Vimeo and the Youtube channels, so pick your poison.