Suck My Comp Sponsor List

Here are all the confirmed sponsors for our upcoming Suck My Comp FGFS Competition! Shoutout to all these companies for helping make this happen. To stay updated on this comp, check back here regularly, follow our instagram @suckmycog, and most importantly check out our Facebook event page here.

Big thanks to these guys:

Altar Tribe

Anthem Bike Co

Capone Bikes

Chackong Web Store

The Cog and Crank Bike Shop

Digi Cali Clothing


Master Bike Co.

Ruff Bike Co.

Samten Bikes

Turf Bikes




ANNOUNCING: THE SUCK MY COMP FGFS COMPETITION. Save the date, clear your schedule, make it to this event. As one of the front runners of FGFS, we felt it was finally time to throw an event to stimulate the community. We’ve done our part online, now it’s time to do our part irl. It’s going down at silvo park in Long Beach on August 6th. Come and ride or just come and hangout. Support FGFS by showing up. We’ve already got a few sponsors lined up and will post an updated flyer shortly. Cash prizes and tons of other stuff to give out. Let’s make this happen, DON’T MISS OUT!



A Night In Burbank ft. Corey San Agustin & Cole Ruffing

Here’s a completely serious little edit we filmed featuring Cole and Corey on the same night we filmed their Game Of Bike. These two kill it and it’s always a blast to ride with these guys.

On a side note, I’ve been uploading almost every video we make to both the Vimeo and the Youtube channels, so pick your poison.