The official flyer for the CSK + Wolfdrawn street jam just got released. Heres the details:


  • Sunday November 2nd

  • Meet at Staples Center Ledge at 11 AM
    Exact coordinates are (34.041903, -118.267634)
    Plug into maps for location
    Nearest blue line station is Pico
  • All spots will be revealed the day of

  • Jam format for one big fun sesh

  • We will be riding spot to spot and won’t be cruising too far

  • Don’t forget to bring tools, tubes, and lock

  • $5 entry fee to compete

  • Will be Amateur and Pro class levels

  • Anyone is allowed to enter as long as its fixed

  • Prizes will be given out at every spot during jam

  • There will also be overall winners for each class at the end

  • Pro class overall winner wins cash pot

  • Use #CSKJAM when posting photos on Instagram

This jam is for the riders by the riders and is shaping up to be a solid event. We will be cruising around hitting some of DTLA gem spots while everyone tricks out. The amateur overall winner will be given a grip of prizes at the end and ALL of the entry fees will go to the pro class overall winner. Throughout the contest when riders bust a sick trick prizes will be given out, so don’t forget backpacks. Phil Arelanno will be taking photos and Lucas Bockelmann will be taping it all for an edit. Spread the word and bring the fun.


On November 2nd, CSK & Wolfdrawn are presenting to you a jam in downtown LA. Mark your calendar and clear your schedule, cause you don’t wanna miss it. More details to come soon!

EDIT: In the last draft I accidentally typed October 2nd. Be clear that it is on NOVEMBER 2ND!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.17.03 PM


I’ve been getting consistent messages asking when the upcoming Red Bull competition is.

Red Bull Ride + Style will be held on Saturday May 10th, 2014, at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco starting at 11am.

To accompany this news is a video from last years event. Make it out this year and you’ll also get to see the #STAYSTRAPPEDDVD premiere! You don’t want to miss it.

sMc Trip to Redbull Ride + Style.

Just got home from a great weekend in SF. Great first trip there. Got to meet tons of people that I never thought I would’ve, and thanks a bunch to Slum and Devon for letting me crash at their pad. Here is the edit Christian Meldrum put together showing a little of our trip and competition highlights from the event. So much fun! Can’t wait to go back next year!

HB Ride.

Met up with Alex Pham, Michael Trinh, Christian Meldrum, Sam Bouchard, Ryan Schuk, Junho Park, and Zach Babinski in Huntington yesterday for an afternoon ride. Definitely a good day and got a lot of pictures from it. Definitely need to do more of these. A big planned ride may even be in the works.

Photos by Me and Christian Meldrum