Wheel Talk | Las Vegas Session

Wheel Talk just posted these amazing shots of a manny pad session while out in Vegas for Interbike. This whole squad doesn’t get together too often to ride due to geographical locations, but it’s always great to see everyone meet up. Check out the rest of the set here!

FGFS_LasVegas_InterbikeSession2015_JacksonBradshaw_ForTheClipFGFS_LasVegas_InterbikeSession2015_JacksonBradshaw_Rollup  FGFS_LasVegas_InterbikeSession2015_IanWalker_Rollup2 FGFS_LasVegas_InterbikeSession2015_MattSpencer_ElliottMilner FGFS_LasVegas_InterbikeSession2015_MattReyes


Sesh Tape #10 features Elliott Milner and Matt Spencer shredding some spots in the Vegas heat a while ago. Even though the footage is about a year old, the clips didn’t get stale at all. These two linked some fucking sick lines at some really fun looking spots out there. Elliott’s Feeble wheelie 180 towards the end was a highlight for me, that set looks big. Don’t miss this one.

Elliott & Matt In Vegas | By Phil Arellano

Some really nice shots of Matt and Elliott just went up on the Locked Cog site of their little filming excursion to Vegas. Looks like they got some good stuff done and had a blast in the heat. Head over there for the full recap and more photos. And Phil also got a shot of Elliott’s new prototype whip from Bombtrack. Gonna be a killer frame.