stay strapped


The Garrett Reynolds Deadline section of FGFS has emerged online, Elliott’s Stay Strapped part. This over 9 minute section is FUCKED. Elliott went in for this part leaving a staple in FGFS forever without a doubt. The amount of different lines he was able to pull off and the amount of hammers and NBD’s that are in this is ridiculous and just kinda pisses me off cause of how good he is. If you haven’t seen this, you need to watch this right now. Drop what you’re doing, this is more important. Check this shit out.


Steven Jensen’s Stay Strapped part is fucking crazy. Easily one of the craziest fixed gear parts of all time. Paired with Matt’s filming and back to back to back technical bangers, this is one that will hold up for a long fucking time. Buy Stay Strapped here. Watch this over and over again. Trust me, you’ll need to so you can comprehend everything.

Matt Spencer | Love Bowl

This was one of the most insane clips in Matt’s Stay Strapped part. This 18ft bowl has a few feet of transition at the bottom with the rest being pure vert, and Matt managed to make it all the way to the top. Check the clip in his part below!



Joe Mckeag’s Stay Strapped section is one of my favorites. Joe is a pegless machine and hammers out countless innovative pegless maneuvers both ways along with the snappy technical Joe Mckeag style we’re all very acquainted with. Give this like 10 plays if you haven’t seen it yet for sure. This part is a masterpiece. Buy Stay Strapped for $5 HERE. 

Stay Strapped | Friends Section

Wolf Drawn just dropped the friends section for Stay Strapped. A huge variety of different killers featured in this one, if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out. Songs were on point too and gave the section a cool vibe. Snag a copy of Stay Strapped for $5 here!


I love Matt’s riding cause he either pulls some insane technical maneuver that nobody would ever think of doing at a given spot, or he charges full speed and blasts off whatever he’s doing. His riding has a ton of variety and it’s always entertaining to watch. His Stay Strapped part is no exception. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch this for sure. The T-Bog off the table at 3:54 has to be one of the most clicked ones I’ve ever seen.  BUY STAY STRAPPED FOR $5 HERE. 



JD & Congo’s split section from Stay Strapped just got uploaded by Wolf Drawn. Two OG killers sharing a section in a legendary FGFS DVD, what could be better? If for some reason you still don’t own a DVD, you’re fucking up. Snag one here.