Jaoa just put out this video of footage from the Bangkok Criterium jam last year. He thought he lost all the footy due to a hard drive failure, but was able to bring it back to life and put this killer video together. The scene out there is so sick, watch this one as the Thai killers shred these ramps.

Sesh Tape Vol 9

A sesh tape hasn’t been dropped in a while so I was pretty stoekd when I saw a new one dropped, as you should be too. Mostly the Ruff killers featured in this one with some behind the scenes from the GC mixtape along with a lot of fresh footy. These things are always killer and the editing is always on point. Give this a watch.


The Garrett Reynolds Deadline section of FGFS has emerged online, Elliott’s Stay Strapped part. This over 9 minute section is FUCKED. Elliott went in for this part leaving a staple in FGFS forever without a doubt. The amount of different lines he was able to pull off and the amount of hammers and NBD’s that are in this is ridiculous and just kinda pisses me off cause of how good he is. If you haven’t seen this, you need to watch this right now. Drop what you’re doing, this is more important. Check this shit out.