Touring the Master Headquarters

While in Seattle, we head over to the Master Bike Co. headquarters, aka Kareem Shehab’s crib, and he was nice enough to take us on a tour of his very impressive collection of fixed gear memorabilia he’s gathered throughout the years. Enjoy!

History Lesson – Devan Council

Time for a quick history lesson folks!

As we all know, women in the trick scene are historically few and far between. While things are looking up these days and more women seem to be doing tricks on fixed gear bikes than ever, we must pay tribute to those who paved the way!

Lately I’ve been chatting with Devan Gallagher, formerly known as Devan Council. In 2010, she was at the forefront of women in the fixed gear trick scene. She attended all the major competitions, released multiple videos, and was even invited to the prestigious Red Bull Ride + Style competition in 2011, the only women to ever be invited to the competition series.

Devan would also do her part covering and supporting other woman in the scene. In January 2011’s issue of Urban Velo, Devan had a write up interviewing several of the woman throughout the scene, possibly one of the biggest forms of exposure for women in the scene at the time.

Devan has hopped back on the bike recently and is in full shredding form, which is so cool to see. We just uploaded one of her old unreleased edits from 2011 onto the archive. Check out Devan’s old edit below and peep some of her new shred here!


We let it be known that Antonio Wothe is one of our favorite riders ever. So naturally, we had to get him on the pod! Join us as we talk to him about antics, Long Beach, Fixie Factory, and much much more. Enjoy!


Long ago (2016) there was a jam in Arizona called the Prickly Pear Jam hosted by Mike Schmitt / Turf. At the time, the FGFS community was nearing extinction. Since events at the time were rare (still are), the whole community made it a point to get out there and join. After the event, Turf released this edit called Chain Gang. This was all of the street riding that went down during that weekend. The video was deleted a while ago but recently recovered, so here it is for your viewing pleasure once again, featuring a lot of familiar faces including Mike Schmitt, Jackson Bradshaw, Jimmy Watcha, Congo, Matt Reyes, Matt Spencer, Miguel Zendejas, Elliott Milner, Gus Molina, myself, and many more.

Tyler Johnson OFF TRACK Episode

On the topic of Tyler Johnson, we just had the legend himself on our podcast! A lot of effort went into the edit on this one so I’d recommend watching this one. If not though, audio versions will be available everywhere shortly. Enjoy our conversation!

The SKYLMT Years – Tyler Johnson SKYLMT REMIX

The legend himself Tyler Johnson has been back on a bike lately and more motivated than ever to dive back into the FGFS scene. With this newfound inspiration, he decided to sort through all the old footage of him on his old SKYLMT build and make whats essentially a super edit, reusing the same song from his legendary SKYLMT edit but adding more footage and re-editing everything. This is a great reminder of the type of mind blowing riding Tyler used to do and is likely still capable of doing. If you’ve never seen this footage, get ready for some absolute HEATERS.

Bootleg Sessions DVD’s Now Online

That’s right, ALL 4 of the legendary Bootleg Sessions DVDs are now online for your viewing pleasure. Take a step back in fixie history and watch some of the best riders of the era push the sport from 2007 to 2010.

I’m excited to keep uploading fixed gear history to the archive channel, but all I ask for in return is that you subscribe to the channel! If we hit over 1k subscribers, then chapters will be allowed onto the video which will make watching a lot better. Anyways, enjoy:

Also Burd, please don’t sue me for putting these online. Lol

Archive Gold

We all know the cycling powerhouse that is The Radavist. For newer heads, did you know that John used to go by Prolly is not Probably and used to mainly cover track bikes? Either way, I found his old website and found some gold that’s pretty funny in hindsight with what we know now. All from 2007-2008!

Valentin Racho | Welcome To The Team Re-Upload

Just re-uploaded the legendary Valentin Racho edit to the Archive channel. If you don’t know, Valentin bursted onto the scene in 2012 and gained instant exposure for his insanely consistent barspin variations and most of all, his legit flat truckdrivers. This edit dropped in 2013 and the scene went NUTS over it. IT was previously deleted from Vimeo so here it is for you to enjoy again!