Valentin Racho | Welcome To The Team Re-Upload

Just re-uploaded the legendary Valentin Racho edit to the Archive channel. If you don’t know, Valentin bursted onto the scene in 2012 and gained instant exposure for his insanely consistent barspin variations and most of all, his legit flat truckdrivers. This edit dropped in 2013 and the scene went NUTS over it. IT was previously deleted from Vimeo so here it is for you to enjoy again!

Jaoa Danaikrit | 2012 Throwback Edit

Jaoa just dropped this unreleased edit from 2012 of himself fucking killing it. Some of this footage was in the Can’t Fool The Youth 2 DVD but a lot of it is completely unreleased as well. Even though this footage is from 2012, it still holds up today and has some serious heat in it for sure. Jaoa kills it, period. You’re not gonna want to miss it. Digging the soundtrack too.

Lookback: Johnathan Ball in LA.

Figured this video would be appropriate on a throwback thursday. Can’t believe this is almost a year and a half old. Funny story about that last clip actually, the 360 was during the day, and the 180 bar was at night. At that time, that was the biggest 180 bar I’ve ever done, but I had to do it twice. I landed the 180 bar during the day, then reviewing the footage later that day, I deleted the clip on accident. Then the whole crew mobbed to the spot to get it again. After 180ing the stairs twice without throwing the bars, security came and kicked us out, and on that third try as we were getting kicked out, I threw the bars and landed it. Talk about luck.