Can’t Fool The Youth 3 | Johnathan Ball

Zane just dropped my part from the Can’t Fool The Youth 3. I’m pretty hyped on how it came out. A lot of blood and sweat went in to it, mostly blood, so I hope you enjoy it. JD’s section should be dropping within a few weeks as well, so look forward to that. Pick up a copy of the DVD here.

Throwback | Alec Aranowitz Dirt Jump

ThisĀ has always beenĀ one of my favorite photos to come from old sMc fam Alec Aranowitz. The Bluffs dirt jumps in Costa Mesa were a regular spot on our old agenda, and was always a blast to ride. He doesn’t push fixed anymore, but we still keep in contact and he plans to ride BMX again. This photo was taken by Junho Park while filming for our old “Full Length” video.