E15 Scrap Edit

This was fucking sick. Yuya, Keybow, Bambi, and Marco out of Japan shred in this little scrap edit. Lots of energy and aggression in this one, sick to see these dudes pushing themselves, even if these are scrap clips. Marco’s clip at 2:02 was so sick, definitely the last thing I was expecting. Don† miss this one!

Gus Molina + Shane Hunt Chill Clips

Shane is has been consistent keeping his insta (@shmob_shane) filled with FGFS content. Here’s a bunch of clips himself and Gus Molina have been stacking up during chill sessions. Gus is insanely dialed these days and Shane has been progressing a lot too, jib mastery the whole way through. Worth a few looks and some double takes for sure. #SHMOB2015


Ramon just dropped a 2012 full length DVD from the Still Pour crew that I honestly didn’t even know existed. He made an extremely limited run and handed them out at the 2013 Ride + Style event and it flew extremely under the radar. So that being said, he just released the whole thing online and it’s fucking killer. Ramon, Devin, and Taylor put some fucking work in this for sure. Taylor’s part had some seriously innovative stuff that not a lot of people mess with in here. Don’t miss this one, kick back on your shitty Monday and check it out.

Wheel Talk | New York Portraits

Wheel Talk was out in New York recently for the Red Bull Over/Under Minidrome event and met up with Randy Rush and Charlie Suave to shred the streets. It’s always awesome seeing riders from different areas getting together, a New York edit is in the works from their trip so keep a look out for that. More on Wheel Talk.

San Pedro Outing

A bunch of us met up a couple weeks ago in San Pedro including Elliott Milner, Zane Meyer, Corey San Agustin, Michael Penrose, Miguel Zendejas, and myself. Here’s a some shots I got from the day. Also the same day we filmed our game of bike, give it another watch below!

Dragon Park

Turf just dropped this new one day edit featuring Slum, Mike Schmitt, Ian Walker, Andy Sparks, and Ramon Antonio. Everybody stepped up their game in this and went out of their comfort zones to try some new tricks. Slum’s first trick involved some serious bike control. Actually, every trick in here involved a lot of bike control. Super hyped on this, worth a couple looks for sure!