Super Bowl Sunday for the past 3 years has meant one thing for FGFS: A fire ass video from the bay area dudes. These videos have never disappointed and the crew always looks like they’re having such a blast not watching the game. They even were blessed with Jaoa and Combs’ presence this year! Personal favorite from this was Mike’s handplant, flawless. You dudes killed it, as always. Don’t sleep on this one.



Mike Schmitt‘s newest edit is so fucking good. He gave me a little sneak peak a couple days ago and I was instantly stoked on it before even seeing it. Mike is one of the most exciting dudes to watch on a bike cause you never know what he’s gonna do while running up to a setup. The 1 hand x-up sub was definitely one of those cases. That was the last thing I expected to see and it’s one of my favorite clips in this edit. Mike’s overall riding is looking so dialed these days and it’s great to see him taking advantage of all the insane Arizona spots. Really feeling the way this was put together too. Mike always comes through with sick editing. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS ONE!!

Dragon Park

Turf just dropped this new one day edit featuring Slum, Mike Schmitt, Ian Walker, Andy Sparks, and Ramon Antonio. Everybody stepped up their game in this and went out of their comfort zones to try some new tricks. Slum’s first trick involved some serious bike control. Actually, every trick in here involved a lot of bike control. Super hyped on this, worth a couple looks for sure!


A happy one year anniversary to the TURF MOB! In honor of hitting their 1 year mark and 4/20, they revamped their website and dropped two new tees, the “Bong Reaper”, and the “Hang Out” tee. Peep the goodness here!

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TURF Welcomes Ramon Antonio

It was just recently announced that Ramon would be joining the Turf Mob, and he already has an edit out for them. Mon went IN for this one. So much sick stuff that took me off guard, especially that ender. Double hard 180 down a handrail? Thats INSANE. Other highlights in my opinion were the huge T-bog in to the stairs and the fakie suicide down the set. Rad mix of big and technical throughout this one. Definitely deserving of that spot on Turf. Great song choice too. Makes you wanna get out and ride. Check this one a few times for sure.

Ed Wonka For Capone

Wheel Talk put this joint together for Ed and Capone Bikes with nothing but bangers. Digging the long smiths, especially the one down the hubba. Plenty of hangover tooths in the mix guaranteed to satisfy your daily dose of carnage. Nasty looking fall at 1:26 was insane, and the ender was straight up mental. All wrapped up together nicely by none other than Matt Reyes. Stoked on all the moves Capone is making in 2015. This one is worth a few looks for sure.