Ed Wonka For Capone

Wheel Talk put this joint together for Ed and Capone Bikes with nothing but bangers. Digging the long smiths, especially the one down the hubba. Plenty of hangover tooths in the mix guaranteed to satisfy your daily dose of carnage. Nasty looking fall at 1:26 was insane, and the ender was straight up mental. All wrapped up together nicely by none other than Matt Reyes. Stoked on all the moves Capone is making in 2015. This one is worth a few looks for sure.

Dave Beard | Slackin’ V1

Here’s a sick new photo series coming from Dave Beard featuring a combination of lifestyle and action shots with the Turf Mob and friends. Ever since he made the move up North he’s produced some really nice shots of all the dudes up there. Click here for the full set!


Devon & Mike




Ed Wonka | Ratpack Solo

Turf just released this video of Ed Wonka shredding it up with Ratpack behind the lens. Anything Ratpack puts out is always quality, so teamed up with Wonka makes for a killer duo. Ice to smith was sick and the Ed signature tooth hangover ender is always insane.


One of the sickest things to date in FGFS. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, this is Turf’s video that has been in the works for quite a while, and a way to introduce their new line of products.┬áTheir shop is now open including the Sling Shot Stem, and Bar Ends. Check em out and watch this video a few times. Schmitt’s part was my personal favorite and everybody else had some really amazing stuff as well. This was worth the wait. You can always expect quality production coming from Wheel Talk. SO sick. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking, cause there are about a thousand more things I can point out that are sick.


Turf Bikes | Word Is Bond Premiere Dates/Locations

The upcoming Turf Bikes video, Word Is Bond, is ready to premiere throughout Northern California. Definitely make an effort to get out to these showings because this video is going to be so killer. With a stellar lineup like Wonka, Schmitt, Watcha, Combs, Devon, Slum, Hamrick, and friends, you can’t go wrong.



Stumbled upon this video searching Youtube and it’s worth a watch. It’s got some killer flatland BMX, some skating, some regular BMX, and even some appearances from Slum, Wonka, and MIke Schmitt. All filmed at the famous island spot in San Fran. Can’t wait to make a trip up there soon. Good filming too.