ed wonka

Wheel Talk | The Truth Don’t Stop

This was such a rad one to wake up to. Wheel Talk and Turf dudes featured in this one of the whole squad’s B-Roll and crash clips. It’s an attempt to “humanize things a bit,” cause we’re all used to perfection from all these dudes. So it’s nice to know that even these guys take a while to land some tricks. The song went perfectly with the riding and gives the video that laid back summer chill vibe you’ve been looking for. So kick back and enjoy this one.


Second installment of TURF TUESDAYS just went up. Keeping it light hearted with some skating, track bike wheelies, and FGFS shred. Of course, Ed casually hits a big handrail like it’s nothing. Digging this series for sure, Turf knows how to keep it fun.